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05-01-2012, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by KingsKnight View Post
I wonder if it would be illegal today. Seems like some guys have crazy curves now.

Also, does anyone remember Jim Fox mentioning on air that he believes that the Canadiens had someone on the inside who knew McSorley's curve was illegal? I would be curious to know more about that if that's the case.
I believe that is also mentioned in this book,

I've heard various stories about how they knew his stick was illegal. One story I heard was that McSorley had donated a game used stick of his to someone with the Habs for some fundraiser, and that is how the discovery was made. Equipment guys are always around the arena as well so they could have also picked something up (maybe finding a broken stick from practice laying around in a garbage can).

Either way, it was just completely irresponsible of McSorley and the entire Kings' staff to not have some type of internal rule in place that restricted players from playing with an illegal stick in the 3rd period, especially when the Kings were in the lead.

I recall Montreal had nothing going for them when the call was suddenly made. Everything fell apart from that point on. The Kings PK couldn't stop Desjardins, and Tomas Sandstrom couldn't backcheck for ****. Hrudey's gaping five-hole was an open invitation for Desjardins to score, but Sandstrom's lazy ass didn't bother to cover a wide open Desjardins.

The Kings would also mentally collapse in the next two home games when they were running around aimlessly in their own end. Just watching how Montreal scored their OT goals makes me sick, yes, still to this day.

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