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Originally Posted by Adam Thilander View Post
De Luca first stood out for me at the Canada Winter Games, before then he was just a Q prospect to me. The guy just seemed to be everywhere on the ice and couldn't stop putting up points. Seems like it's been all down hill ever since.

Watching him at the U17's was beyond disappointing. He looked like a stereotypical Russian star who didn't put in any effort. Watching him was so frustrating because I knew what he was capable of but he just didn't seem to care.

I don't like this rumor of him going to Sherbrooke, he's the perfect type of player to go the NCAA route. He needs many years to mature and going to the Q won't do it for him. He'd be going to an expansion team where he'll be expected to step into a major role right away whereas the college route would teach him to work for ice time and a certain amount of discipline that he'd never get from the Q.

It's very rare that I'm for a player to go the NCAA route, but De Luca is one of those exceptions.

I fully agree, the kid has the potential to play in the NHL and do well, but he lacks the drive and passion.

He's physically built for the NCAA, apparently his commitment is weak... He's a huge project, I think that depending on who coaches Sherbrooke he could succeed... He needs a good kick in the ass... When I watch him I want to hit him... I fully agree he's downhill..

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