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03-18-2006, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
During a fairly recent telecast, I believe it was on one of the NBC game Emrick brought up a stat that was the average team scores every 13:06 on a 5-on-4 and an average team scores every 2:03 on a 5-on3. It broke down to being a 5-on-3 almost 6 times more valuable than a 5-on-4.
Interesting. I'm sure it's somewhere on the web. I'll try to find it.

In the meantime I'll say this, the Flyers PK still failed last night. Your Emerick quote claims that the average PK gives up a goal every 2:03 when 5-3. The Flyers allowed one in under 90 seconds. Had they managed to live up to the league average, the "bogus" 5-3 would have been killed, and that would have been that. So don't tell me that the officiating was the problem not the Flyers PK.

Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
The 16 games were
So you're saying that in these 16 games, the Flyers had Forsberg, Gagne, Pitkanen and Desjardins and they scored at a 22% clip?

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