Thread: Speculation: Mark Scheifele to RW for 2012
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05-01-2012, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by sully1410 View Post
Speaking of center and what not...maybe they should try wheeler at centre? Put Kane on the left and put Burmi on the Right.

Kane- Wheeler- Burmi
Ladd- Little- Wellwood/Mach

Bottom six you get the picture. I really think that could work, he's got the size and the play making ability to compliment the other two. We know Kaner is great at scoring goals, and ive read here that Burmi is offensively gifted on the wing. Why the **** not?
No. Just no. Wheeler is not able to have the defensive responsibility it takes to play center. He doesn't kill penalties for a reason. Not because he's bad. He's passable. But not for center. Plus, his play style isn't the best for it. He plays an end to end skating type of game. He plays off of skill, not vision. He would not work out well at center. There is a reason he has hardly played center in the NHL.

Originally Posted by KingBogo View Post
Getting bigger and tougher to play against is one of the biggest refrains heard from Noel/Chevy. Having a couple smaller high end point producers is great when you have a lot of size across the board. IMO the Jets would be very well servred getting bigger down the middle.

We can speculate all we want about if Scheifele will make the Jets lineup next year, but we are all pretty much pissing into the wind. He will be on the team if he earns it and management feels that playing at a lower level it isn't necessary for his development. Bottom line is the Jets are a bottom third team and they need help in a lot of areas.
We'd be well served getting bigger on the 3rd line instead of having Stapleton and Mittens playing there. That's been our biggest problem. If we were to get bigger there then having smaller centers like Burmi or Little wouldn't seem as big of a problem. Scheifele will probably end up being a top 6 center for us with a year to 3 years with Burmi there as well. Little will probably move to wing more so going forward. And honestly, I wish Little had the puck on his stick more often. He's an accurate passer with pretty solid vision. Being at center he is always back helping the D.

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