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05-01-2012, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by JetsAlternate View Post
You guys are willingly going to suspend two of your top forwards? The Coyotes will gladly take it. You've just weakened your offense over something that could have been dealt with once the playoffs are over. Perhaps the coach could have fined the two or talked to them, but suspending them right now is basically giving the Coyotes a free pass to the next round.
How about we actually play the games before jumping to the conclusion that the Coyotes win this series?

I'm not sure how you guys could be proud of this. If anything, it sets up an early elimination. Right now is not the time to discipline players, especially if you want to win. The Flyers waited until the off-season to address their problems because Richards and Carter were essential to their success during the playoffs. They overlooked it for their 2010 Stanley Cup run, as well as the year after. A 3-0 series deficit will be difficult to recover from, and taking out two of your biggest offensive weapons will make it that much easier for the Coyotes to win tomorrow.
I'm proud of this and proud of Poile and the team for taking a stand that you don't put yourself above the rules the team has, especially the night before a playoff game. I don't give a rats ass what the Flyers did, I'm not a Flyers fan, never have been never will be.

The players may be at fault for being undisciplined, but management is at fault for taking them out when the team needs to win.
Management is following through on it's own rules and not letting **** slide just because of preferential treatment. I 100% respect and appreciate that.

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