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Originally Posted by frackiewicz View Post
I think I'm going to do this. I hardly ever fall. Ever. Speedskating and now hockey - I've fallen maybe 8 times in my life. Most of those have been because someone knocked me over.

I think that's why it takes me so long to learn, because I'm timid and don't push the edges enough. I think I need to go a little too far, so I can learn exactly how far I can go and still control it.

So that's my plan for Friday and then Sunday. Work on shooting, work on stopping, and tell myself I can't leave until I've fallen at least a few times.

Definitively do this man. If you are a beginner and it makes you feel better go get some elbow pads, shin pads and even hockey pants and get out there and get out of your comfort zone. It's the only way you are ever going to improve.

I know a guy who has been playing for 5+ years. When he first started playing he could barely stand on his skates and his knees were shaking. Now he has improved tremendously but he still would be considered a relatively bad skater and it's because I have never seen him once get out of his comfort zone.

Your never going to get better until you work on those weak edges or those uncomfortable pivots. Get out there and fall on your butt but stay resilent and you will see improvement. Good luck everybody.

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