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05-02-2012, 02:03 AM
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Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
I honestly think they will be sold as well. Everyone talks about tradition and the 4 Stanley Cups, but it's 4 Stanley Cups in how many years of existence. They are a long time removed and this is a different Coliseum, Long Island, and economy.

I think no one is going to budge for Wang and he isn't going to patiently wait for the economy to improve like others suggested. He's going to break ties with the team and move on to his next money making goal. I don't think it will be from lacking of trying but he definitely had a vision of what he wanted when he bought this team and he's not going to get it. He will sell unless a miracle is imminent.

As far as where the Isles will go, I have no idea. I don't know about Quebec City, or Seattle, or Kansas City but I know they are chomping at the bit so once the decision is made the sale won't be that hard.
A majority of the Isles value is attached to the cable deal. Selling the team out of market eliminates that value and puts the onus of the purchaser to compensate for a ghost valuation. Damn right Wang wants to be compensated at the highest amount that includes the cable deal.

Wang is desperate for a legacy. The islanders were his vehicle to make the lighthouse project Happen, which it didn't. Hes too arrogant to sell the team to just get rid of it.

Somehow the Isles will survive and stay in NY metro area. Bettman is being coy and nonchalant about the Brooklyn thing. He has to.

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