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05-02-2012, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by danishdynamite View Post
Denmark beat Italy 4-2, but I think it looks very bad.

The Danish coach is probably the only one, who cannot see that his 2.line is a total disaster. Granted - they only played together 1 game, but there's no way Jannik Hansen can carry that line.
Eller as 2. C is the only thing that makes sense, but unfortunately it's not going to happen.

The coach talks so much about his "amazing 1. line" but first of all: 1 line is not getting us anywhere - we need at least to scoring lines, and the 2. line is not that at the moment. Actually the 3. line was better yesterday.

And second: 3 of the goals were on the pp, and against better opponents we would be lucky to have 1 goal with the play of yesterday. So the 1. line will get some goals, but we will loose 6-2 to Czech, Sweden and Russia barring a miracle (from Frederik Andersen).

And Eller is so misplaced on the wing... and I could go on and on..

The only good thing is that my expectations are very low at the moment, so they can only surprise. The QF are far away, I think.
I agree, WOW what and underwhelming experience that was!!! Mads Christensen would REALLY have made a difference on that 2nd line.. Hansen needs to be put on the 1st and Eller as C on the second. Eller looked like a lost player! Even in the interview he didn't sound too pleased by the wing spot.

Frederik Andersen also dissapointed me allot, he seemed very careless and lazy! Giving out peewee rebounds!

The defence looked lost. But still I have a mixed feeling.. We completely OUTSHOT them, and they NEVER EVER really had the puck. They were just really effective, and somewhat lucky on the 2nd goal. We kinda did what we wanted.

I think the boys just wanted to give the croud a good show, and prolly just got carried away. At least I hope so. I dont understand how else a team like Italy that posed very little threat, can become such a threat!

But as you, my expectations have also been lowered ... I really REALLY MOST of all just want to us to beat Norway in an important game for once

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