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05-02-2012, 04:23 AM
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Joey Banana

good point but I have simple Q: Are you satisfied by current euro hockey? I am not.

Look, europeans are leaving for CHL, AHL, NHL (it is not bad of course) for free or not appropriate money. Similar situation like soccer for Brasil/Argentina. Those countries lose best players for euro leagues but euro clubs pay transfer fees for them, appropriate one not like NHL clubs do.

In 2003, Seville paid around 1.7 million for Julio Baptista and Kaka joined AC Milan for just 5  million.
Those days are over. Internacional have rejected Tottenham Hotspur's offer of 10.5  million for striker Leandro Damiao, 21. Santos want 40 million for Neymar, 19. Sao Paulo have put an incredible 70  million price tag on Lucas Moura, 18.
That is why in March Chelsea paid around 6.5 million to Sao Paulo for forward Lucas Piazon, 17, who has yet to make a professional appearance.

now, compare these sums to NHL fees for euro clubs - 150-200 000 dollars or nothing (like Malkin, Ovie, Grigorenko - top players in globe, at least Malkin, Ovie). I dont care there is not transfer agreement among NHL and Euro leagues. There is market ..

2. Euro domestic leagues does not have power to change this pro-NHL system which is not advantageous for euro clubs. No good leagues in Europe, no revenues, no interest of fans, no great players, no appropriate transfer fees

Do you like this system? If yes, ok. I dont like it. This is a reason why I support euro league - one, strong. I dont care if russians, swedes or whoever governs it. If it keeps players or changes attitude of NHL towards Europe, I will be happy.

Domestic leagues have had 20 years to become stonger, to have power.. look at reality. Elitserien and SM-Liiga are NHL farm leagues (NHL clubs loan players here), Germany, Slovakia, Czech rep has not good enough league.. KHL is stronger than every league in Europe after 4 years since creation. Euro domestic leagues have had 20 years to achieve this status - they failed. No Champions league.. why? Euro domestic leagues failed and will fail in future one more time. Therefore one stong league is option for Europe. Like it or not.

I am aware of your arguments against this scenario but its positives are OVER negatives in my eyes. Try to convince me I am wrong.. and pls dont tell me because NHL is best league.. ok, it is but why NHL clubs dont pay appropriate money for europeans? Bundesliga, Premiere League, La Liga are also best in the globe but pay appropriate money to brasilian clubs

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