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Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
I know it does, but that just means that we all suck.

We need to discuss a topic of some controversy. It is the basis of all internet threads.

Why is the Titanic in particular so fascinating? There have been plenty of boats that have sunk. It's notable for crashing into a ****ing iceberg. Why does that stand the test of time? James Cameron didn't help, but it's a common enough thing to know about that it got a mention in Ghostbusters 2.

Does it get the circus because it's destination was NYC?
It gets the Circus because it was yet another example of mankind's hubris. The ship was built, it was massive, it was said to be unsinkable. Mankind tried to fly too close to the sun and just like Icarus, we were slapped down by mother nature. If Aesop had written the story of the Titanic, it would have been called a fable.

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