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05-02-2012, 07:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
This is part of the circus I'm talking about.

It's a ****ing boat. It's not a mythological event, but it gets this mystique about it that, looking at it from my perspective now, should be a footnote in history, but it gets this big treatment like there's some mystery to it.

The Titanic sank during the age of yellow journalism, so it's no surprise that the media of the day would sensationalize it, but why has it ascended beyond that and somehow has held this magical reverence with the public?
Because it's a story that really has all the classic elements doesn't it.

Great acts of heroism and selflessness.
Epic tragedy
Fascinating tales of incompetence, stupidty and selfishness (we seem to never be able to get enough of this sort of thing.
The very very rich and the most downtrodeen of people fighting for survival in the same scenario.

And...the fact that the damn thing apparently could have been saved. At least enough to keep it afloat until help arrived. So it was an avoidable tragedy. Could have probably missed the iceberg as well.

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