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05-02-2012, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by stv11 View Post
"Solid" was a poor choice of word. I meant that he would contribute at a high level, not that he would become an all around player. I should have used "Olympic caliber" or something like this.

Ok, so I got it wrong.

It was known that those players had high potentials, but I don't think many people expected Brunner to become an NHL caliber player when he left Kloten. Same for Cunti, one year ago people were hoping he could work with ZSC, but I don't remember any prediction about him being in discussions for the national team.

Well, the Brunner case is a special one. I wasn't sure if he would recover after Eldebrink's destruction of him. (I'm still wondering how unblemished Elde came out of this situation. at least, it's one of the most questionable transfers of all times in swiss hockey history)

I've written it a few times in here already. When I saw him first time in NLA, playing at the 1st line with Rintanen and (Hlinka/Pittis can't remember) as a freshman, he looked pretty close to what he is now, not as polished. He made this Semin-like move coast-to-coast and ripped the puck under the bar with a long distance wristshot, jaw-dropping left and right. And I thought, a guy who skates and handles the puck like Guggisberg, but he cuts the D much more, is eager to score goals and got this electrifying temper as opposed to Guggis' bernish reserved temper.(I sense sensimillia)
and we had a lot of disscussion in the stands about where he was coming from and especially going to with this unbelieveable talent.

To see this big talent a year later wasted as a 4th line grinder with little TOI-stat, far off of how you should handle such a player, nearly made me skip watching Kloten.

The trade just came at the right time and saved his career.

about Cunti: 10-16-2011, 12:24 PM,swiss young guns

Originally Posted by duga View Post
when talking about Centermen:

Luca Cunti just played his first 2 games this season for ZSC after his injury. and I think he's finally mature enough to succede. When he gets his game together in near future, I can see him ending up on NT rather quickly. He's still the most skilled center prospect for Switzerland IMO.

and don't forget about Schäppi. He's the new Luca Cereda. big, intelligent and very mature for his age. good hands and shooting skills.
Sorry for quoting myself. I acctually was expecting that he'll have quite a lot of influence once he really makes a team. Of course, I had my doubts. In oppsite to Brunner (similar CV with their rough treatment as juniors) he seems not to have the same mental toughness, Brunner offers. That was and still is my biggest questionmark.... and I know a few guys who tought the same, especially after seeing him with GCK last year.

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