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05-02-2012, 08:59 AM
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Well I don't disagree that we can do better preparation leading up to this tournament most years.

I just thought that it sounded like you had made out all our teams and coaching staffs as being utterly useless on/with the big ice when by the golds we have won on it shows we are clearly not.

Let's wait and see how this team reacts to it as the games go on, we will be able to see if they are making the adjustments. The early games are always usually a bit shaky as it takes time to get used to and come together as a team.

I do believe they do some work on it leading up to the first games but that old habits die hard and that it takes games played to really have the lightbulb come on and start playing a more big ice game.

It's a big adjustment for our guys no matter how much prep work you do.

Originally Posted by therealdeal View Post
Hey, no one is a bigger team Canada fan than myself. I'm certainly not criticizing the effort or attendance or anything, but we should be doing way more scouting and pre-tournament preparation in regards to big ice game tactics.

You can see some of the players learn it as the game goes on, but they should be far better prepared. You can see it in the dump in selections, zone entry, hit selections, and fore-checking tactics. The Swiss can only hang in a game like that because of superior tactics and rink utilization.

Look at a guy like Methot, barely noticed him out there because he played so smart. The guy is not quick by any stretch, but was always effective because you can see he understands the rink better. I mean, we can certainly improve game to game, and we probably will, it'd just be nice if some of this work was done in the weeks leading up to the tournament, rather than in-tournament.

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