Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Game 3 - Blues @ Kings 5/3/12
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05-02-2012, 10:50 AM
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Game 2 line breakdown (good news for Kings fans):

That's two games in a row where Hitchcock has been unable to find a combo that's able to control the Kings top line. Here's the chart from game 1:

His Berglund line (L2) in Game 1 was more effective than his Nichol line (L2) in game 2, but that the Arnott line (L3) in Game 1 was massacred. He moved Arnott to L4 for game 2, which gave Hitchcock better L3 and L4 results at the expense of L1 and L2, which isn't ideal by any stretch.

Basically, Hitchcock has yet to find any combo that can handle the Kings L1 at all, and the shoring up Hitchcock did of L3 and L4 in Game 2 resulted in the Kings Top 6 having a field day.

This is all 5 on 5 time keep in mind, which means the Kings need to stay the **** out of the box for Game 3. The goonfest in Game 2 distracted the Kings from their solid 5 on 5 play.

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