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05-02-2012, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
Not in any particular order! Although Penner...not sure why you're taking me to task on that one. Besides, I said "talent" not "skill." The other two guys are big guys who can skate and move. That's a desirable NHL talent...they (and not other guys) were called up for a reason.

And all those guys like Steen and Macdonald, those guys are 2nd or 3rd liners on this team. They are no Kopitar. The numbers mean nothing. And I like how you only isolate those three and none of the other guys and compare only those three to Steen and Macdonald. That is HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE logic.

- R
No it's not.

I'm pointing out to you how you are deminishing the Blues guys while touting our up to far to high of levels.

And you just did it again here, labelling Steen and MacDonald as 2nd or third line guys on this team. Both are easily as good as Justin Williams, who is a first line guy around these parts. I like Justin, love him and his effort, but I'll take a healthy Andy MacDonald over him on the top line. Same with Steen.

And you are right, Nolan and King were called up for a reason. They're big bodies. That doesn't mean they are high skilled or talented players. I think they both have that potential, but they aren't there now. To think that those two guys are being counted on as skilled/talented/whatever type of guys this series is, as you put it, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE logic.

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