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Originally Posted by Killer Whale View Post
down 0-2, suspend 2 of your best players in the playoffs? The most important game of YOUR franchise history and they suspend them for one game...I am just trying to understand this bc you just dont go suspending your players for one game while that game happens to thy most impt game in Preds history...

Klima and Probbie back in day, effed up hard (loose goonies incident--google it) and still played the next night....
The whole Goose Loonies thing is a bad example...because Kilma didn't play the next game (he was injured) and Probert played like ****, the whole team was mad about it, and the team ended up losing that game and the series. Using that incident as an example, I think you could say the Preds are actually doing the right thing by comparison.

Edit...whoops, here's the correct link:

Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
anyone else bothered by Rads interview. Or at least the part of him talking about who brought it up. Said "brought it up, not our team" and then talked about the other side.

Not absolving him of being a dumbass here, but it is kinda fishy
I read somewhere that some media guys saw them out around 4AM, so maybe that's the "not our team" person he was alluding to. I didn't like his comments either though, you could tell he wanted to defend himself and was kinda complaining that someone outside the team ratted him out.

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