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Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
How they deal with his contract is TBD. There's not particular rush to buy him out at this moment.
Doesn't sound like it's "TBD" at all, unless you know something the media doesn't. Sounds like Molson already has it set on Bergevin's plate among things he must do upon accepting the position (since I don't think there's a mechanism for an owner to simply take over roster manipulations unless they bother to officially name themselves interim GM).

Originally Posted by Pandemic View Post
Except, sending him to the AHL means ZERO cap hit on the NHL club. Buying him out leaves a stinky odor for the next four years. No one here gives a flying hoot about MTL having to shell out the cash. It's all about the cap hit.
It's not "all about the cap hit" at all, necessarily. Maybe Molson has had enough, and doesn't want to pay Gomez 10 million over the next 2 years no matter WHERE he is, let alone at a level where those millions of dollars in salary have absolutely no chance of generating nearly enough revenue to recoup the cost. How does investing 10 million to have Gomez in the AHL to free up an extra 7-8 million in cap space make any sense on a company balance sheet anyway?

Buying him out is the "gentlemen's way" of cutting ties with an established veteran without embarrassing them with a 4 year demotion/banishing, and giving them the opportunity to immediately seek employment elsewhere. And in this particular case I think Molson has run the numbers and sees how it makes sense on multiple levels, not the least of which is PR and player relations.

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