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05-02-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Nex06 View Post
I am almost certain that Dean will NOT give Semin a call (or his agent). Semin is everything that Lombardi dislikes about a player and there is no way he is interested spending big money on players like him.
I tend to agree, but if it's really cheap and if DL really wants a goalscorer, and it's a one year deal only, then maybe. But I'd say it's about a 2% chance DL ever swallows his pride enough to sign a guy like Semin.

Originally Posted by Perro View Post
I would like to go after Parise (obviously)
Once we lose out on him I would go after Doan, Moen, Parenteau
On the back end (I would like to get a bonifide blue liner) again once we miss out on Suter.
Stuart, Carle, Hannan.
I forgot about Moen. He'd be a nice add if we can't get Gaustad.

Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Huselius would be a good cheap-ish target if he was healthy.
Agree on Huselius. Sutter had him before and he had his best seasons under DS.

Originally Posted by Hitman47 View Post
I don't see LA signing Parise. Dean will save cap space to re-sign Quick in 2013. LA should either re-sign Penner or go after the best big, scoring forward on the market, or possibly trade for that player...maybe someone like Landeskog, Oshie, or Nash. Small players will not find success in the current LA system as teams will now be targeting LA for big hits.
Landeskog? Huh? If we ever traded for him, I'd wake up and relaize it was just a wet dream. Why would the Avs deal him, nevermind trying to figure out what they'd demand for him.

Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Plan A: Parise Yes
Plan A2: Doan No
Plan B: Whitney No
Plan B2: Parenteau No
Plan C: Huselius On a one-year deal for a low salary, yes
Plan D: Jones Yes

That's how I would rank the potential options for a top six winger for the Kings to pursue.

As for the 3rd line C position, if they can retain Stoll at a discounted rate, it is worth considering. If not, Chris Kelly and Paul Gaustad would be the best 3rd line C options available in the free agent market, followed by Daymond Langkow and Dominic Moore.
Not a fan of several of those guys, simply because of the term they would want. Whitney especially. I know he's been getting better with age but he is now 40 and will want a multi-year deal. Doan, his numbers have been dropping the last two years and likely won't want to leave Phoenix unless the offer is well above what Phoenix is offering, especially if they continue playing like this. Parenteau I fear is just a by-product of Tavares/playing big minutes on a bad team. He'll want big money over a long-term, hate to get locked into that and have him flop in LA.

Btw, agree on Kelly. Kid is a great two-way player. He's like Lewis, just better by a lot at pretty much everything.

Originally Posted by bobafettish View Post
if the kings cant get parise at a cheap cap 6-6.5
they should get stop gap and get the real big fish the next year, perry.
I think I'd stop cheering for LA for a while if we got Perry. I can't stand that puke. I hope him and Brian Burke get teamed up again. Perry is IMO a gigantic ********* and would be like having a milder, more offensively talented Sean Avery on the team.

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