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Originally Posted by salty justice View Post
I've had lace bite on my left ankle for 2 months now and it's not going away.

I injured myself by playing with my skate too tight and then I took two weeks off initially because the pain was too great to even put on a skate. Since then I've played 2 games a week for the last 6 weeks. The swelling has decreased significantly but there's still a solid knot about half the size of the golf ball sitting on the front of my ankle.

It only hurts for the first 3 minutes of a game and maybe the last 5 minutes, and it's swollen to the size of a golf ball after I take my skate off. 500mg of aspirin and the swelling goes away. I play with an elastic brace to hold it together, which eases the pain greatly.

I keep reading online about it taking months to heal and people just playing through it. My doctor said that I risk tendenitus by doing so, but she also doesn't know what hockey is, so I am a little worried about the right path to take.

Any advice?
A properly fitting skate should not cause lace bite at all. Either the fit is wrong or the skate has broken down. Either way, you are risking permanent tendon/nerve damage.

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