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05-02-2012, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by copperandblue View Post
YES I would but as I mentioned I would need a face to face with Staal's camp to know what his intentions are. Perhaps take the step of drafting Yakupov on Pittsburgh's behalf and make the move on July 2nd for an extended Staal.

And the question of if Staal will be 'as good' as Yakupov is a little vague, no?

Will Yakupov put up more points? Yes. Is he going to be a better player? Unlikely. Will he be as consistant of a performer for as long as Staal? Unlikely. Does he fit the make up of THIS team as well as a guy like Staal? NO.

But then again I also don't think Yakupov is going to be what people here are predicting, I certainly don't think that adding a player of his ilk solves the issues that plague this team and I think that Staal does.
It takes more than putting up points to win a championship.
First bolded - you are entitled to your opinions just as everyone else here of course. You are severly outnumbered in your viewpoint however.

Second bolded - the lack of consistent secondary scoring WAS one of the major plagues holding this team back. Adding Yakupov will help resolve that, and give us two dangerous lines for other teams to get into fits over when trying to cover them. Yes, it takes more than points to win a championship - but it sure as hell is easy when you score more goals. Adding a #1 pick sniper would be beneficial towards that cause.

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