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05-02-2012, 01:11 PM
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I'm not advocating buying him out as opposed to burying him in the minors, but there are a couple of reasons not to just bury him:

(1) He counts as one of our fifty contracts. We've always been closer to 50 contracts than closer to the cap. Perhaps some consideration must be given to managing our contract limit as well.

(2) He has a lot of friends on the team. Or he might any ways. He seems to be liked well enough, although I recall him and Gill having a run in a couple seasons ago. I any case there is something to be said for morale, and sending a guy who is well liked to Hamilton might hurt morale more than the cap space helps.

(3) A negative effect in Hamilton. Gomez is perhaps one of the most professional men in the game (you'd have to, to be a guy who went more than a year without scoring a goal in Montreal) but he's not going to be happy with an AHL assignment (or maybe he would be - still getting paid big bucks after all). If he sulks, even if he tries to control it, others will notice. And with some many promising young guys in the system do we want to let them be dragged into Scott's rain cloud.

(4) Makes the team look Mickey Mouse. Less than it would have a couple years ago mind you - with Souray and Redden being amongst the big names that have been reassigned. Still a risk.

(5) It saves Molson $$$. No sense in denying the truth. Molson saves money. Doesn't help the team directly, but helps them indirectly.

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