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05-02-2012, 12:30 PM
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If Molson uses this instead of burying him it has everything to do with being F$%^ing cheap and nothing to do with "class".

The guy sucked this year, I defended him last year but he showed up this year and couldn't make things happen. This is the second year in a row where he hasn't come even close to living up to his contract. If he was putting up 60 points a year you can say he was worth 5-5.5 mil and he is only "wasting" 2 mil of cap room, but he finished the year on the 4th line.

The only "classy" thing to do is to waive him...anybody can pay him 10 mil the next 2 years and have him for free. If nobody picks him, then give him the option to go play AHL, ECHL, Europe or KHL and offer to waive him again in a year hoping a team is interested at 4.5 mil for 1 year.

Again the "class" thing is ******** for a team that brings in 300 mil/year in revenue. Unless they change that in the new CBA where anybody making more than X dollars can't have his cap number wiped out by send him him AHL/Europe...that would be the ONLY good reason to buy him out.

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