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Originally Posted by PSUCapsFan View Post
Icetime? KHL teams are there to win games, not develop kids for the NHL.

Galievs development was improved due to him playing big minutes in crucial situations. If he could get those same minutes in the KHL then that would be fine to, but he couldn't.

IMO if a Russian player can get big minutes in the KHL then that is an advantage because he is competing against better competition than NA junior leagues. Even if Kuz stays in Russia for the full 2 years I'm not worried at all about his development. When the time comes and he decides to come over he will be ready.

As a Caps fan though it totally sucks.
And that is fine for Galiev but Kuznetsov was good enough to earn big minutes as a young player in the KHL so ice time clearly wasn't an issue for him.

Again my issue is with the blanket statement that coming to NA is the better way because that isn't necessarily true.

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