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NHL more involved?

"24/7: The Road to the NHL Winter Classic" will have an exciting new focus. As the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs prepare to faceoff in January, HBO's cameras will follow around not only the Red Wings and Leafs, but the teams they play during that time as well.
Detroit's schedule while HBO is with them:

12/23: Detroit travels to Pittsburgh, prepares for upcoming game against Penguins
12/24: Detroit vs. Pittsburgh
12/25: Christmas in Pittsburgh
12/26: Detroit vs. Pittsburgh
12/28: Pittsburgh vs. Detroit
12/29: no game
12/30: no game for either team as league races to prepare for the Winter Classic - Leafs arrive in Detroit
12/31: Red Wings and Penguins (time permitting) test ice. (12pm ET on NBC)
1/1: The NHL Winter Classic: Presented by Bridgestone

Toronto's schedule:
12/29: Pittsburgh vs. Toronto
12/30: Leafs arrive in Detroit
12/31: no filming scheduled
1/1: The NHL Winter Classic: Presented by Bridgestone

NBC schedule (day of WC: PbB)
12pm announced start time. Bob Costas explains to us what Canada is.
1pm~ish - puck drop

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