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05-02-2012, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
How the **** does it reward the player?

He's going to get less money if he gets bought out, that's the point. If he gets buried, he still gets paid fully. Not to mention that burying might force the Habs not to spend to the cap every year - would you prefer that instead?

Come on Nate.
Sorry, I must have hit a nerve.

Go ask Gomez. Would you rather be buried in the minors or bought out? If he's the person I think he is (especially with the amount of money he's made already), he's going to ask for the buy out 100 times out of 100 so he can play in the NHL.

IMO, he's played terrible enough that he doesn't even deserve the chance to play in the NHL right now if it's going to hurt our cap. Which it would.

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