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Originally Posted by Copeland View Post
Oak, what a great story!! I don't have kids yet, but it's so awesome to see parents making sacrifices and supporting their kids in this great game. And take heart, I hear they grow up quickly, soon enough you'll be out there in full gear playing with them lol
As someone somewhat in the transition from kid to adult (19/freshman in college), I can say they'll definitely appreciate it one day haha. Sports are mine and my dad's "thing"; he coached all my teams when I was little, we watch games, and so on. When I was about 4 or so, he got me my first pair of skates, took me to lessons, and started watching hockey with me. Being in new york city though, skating soon was replaced with basketball and baseball, and after the lockout, we really stopped watching hockey. Fast forward some years, I start going to high school in Manhattan, have a best friend who loves hockey, and another friend takes me to a Rangers game. I fell back in love, took my dad to one, he fell back in love. From there, we've gone to I don't know how many games, went on a mini-roadtrip of Canada to see games, and this christmas he got me another pair of skates so I can finally learn to actually play. Long story short, if your kids take to the hockey, you'll have a great father-son thing. Even if they won't say it, they'll appreciate it.

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