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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
What hockey minds?

I doubt Bourque went from a 27 goal scorer to a 10 goal scorer in 12 months. His skills look the same but he started off poorly after arriving and got caught in the team's downward spiral. half the team didn't play upn to their abilities, that's why we ghave the #3 overall pick.

Gomez's biggest problem is his contract and it affected his game, he had a down yaer last year and started pressing. I'm sure he'd bounce back to 50+ points next yaer if he got a fresh start and a top 6 role...unfortunately that's not what's best for the Habs.
Lots of people knew the Gomez trade was a bad idea. You can go through this forum's archives to check what people were saying on July 2009. Gomez has been regressing for several seasons now, it didn't start with the Habs.

Sure, Gomez could score 50+ points if he had Desharnais' PP time and linemates and Ozone starts. Similarly, Bourque can score 20+ goals if he has Cole's linemates and ozone starts and PP time. However, that's not what's best for the Habs. He won't be on the 1st line unless there are tremendous injuries. We'll be paying 3.3 million/year for a third liner to produce 10 goals per year along with below-average defensive ability on the third line for four years to come.

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