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05-02-2012, 05:50 PM
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Radulov and Kostitsyn, a matter of culture ?

I understand that both guys broke team rules. That is not great. I fully agree with that.

Yet i wanted to give a type of cultural perspective on this affair.

In the US, the top of anti alcohol was reached in the years of prohibition. Total alcohol prohibition. Since then, rules have relaxed a bit. Yet it is still heavily sentenced to drive while being drunk. (i am not entering into the debate whether it is good or not !! i judge nothing ... ) the US remains among the countries the heaviest anti alcohol policy ... behind most muslim countries.

In Russia, to put the perspective, people drink a lot ..., but a lot means a lot !. For 2 persons, finish a 1 liter bottle of Vodka isn't a big deal. It is a nice evening where they had reasonable fun !. To be sick the next day ... is like a bit being a hero. You are forgiven. (a bit the same style than teenagers ... how was your party ? amaaaazing we drunk like ... hahaha... an now i have head ache). It must be among the most permissive countries in the world for Alcohol. On a daily basis, the alcohol excuse is a good one, for which most russians (and ex USSR block countries) have almost perfect compassion.

Just to say it. So, that they be suspended for 1 game. That is ok, it is fine. That they be no wanted anymore for the team for that ... i believe a second chance is deserved. Now that they really understood that what they did is really not good in the NHL.
Now the 2 guys really understood the cultural difference described previously.

Don't kill a monster on the rise for cultural misunderstandings !

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