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05-02-2012, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Are you kidding me? Teams have rules, Rads and AK broke them. All the rest of the guys were following the rules. The inmates do not rule the asylum in Nashville, never have, never will. If they are allowed to get away with this, what's next, getting away with not playing the system on the ice? Sorry, I totally disagree with your viewpoint on this. It's a team game on AND off the ice. It does a disservice to the guys following the rules. If the entire team was out past curfew I'd be fine with all Milwaukee guys coming in and playing. These are professionals that signed contracts with rules and stipulations.

The part that stinks is that these two thought they were above the team rules and put themselves first. Let them sit and wonder what it would be like to play at home in game 3.

The thing is, they already penalized us in game 2 for doing what they did and it showed in their performance and now we lose them for game 3 as well. The fans and the other hard working players are suffering because of their selfishness. Let them deal with that but I am sick and tired of athletes only being in it for themselves. It's a team game and everyone needs to come together to make it work.

I've never said that what they did was ok, or that they dont deserve the criticism... Im actually fine with the 1 game suspension... HOWEVER... I keep hearing they dont care, or that they are not showing commitment because of their attitude off the ice despite having been 2 of the top forwards ON the ice and my point is what about players not showing commitment ON the ice, outworking the other team, being first on loose pucks, fore-checking hard, finishing their checks... let alone producing? The first line has laid a big ol' egg on the ice thus far in the playoffs... where's the outrage? Has their play been elevated in those playoffs like it should be? No. But come home 2 hours late and we are talking about a public hanging...

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