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Originally Posted by Ace Rothstein View Post
I'm not a Preds fan but there is so a lot of incorrect information in this post that I felt compelled to respond.

1. The US has the highest drinking age in the world, besides some dry counties scattered around the country I would say there really aren't any more anti-alcohol policies.
2. Alcohol is flat out banned in most Muslim countries. In Saudi Arabia, it is punishable by lashes.
3. The US has the highest allowable BAC in the world when it comes to drunk driving. I've seen hundreds of BG Checks in my career, you'd be shocked by how many people have 3, 4 or 5 DUI's. Only recently has it become difficult to get your license back after DUI in some states.

Just to add, I feel that this was a great move by the Preds organization. It is a very well run organization and I couldn't imagine what they'd be able to put together if they were able to spend to the cap year after year.
1) Muslim countries are strongly anti alcohol ... that is what i was saying.
2) i don't know the exact rules on alcohol in the US, yet i know 2 americans who have a really good level who simply went to jail for driving with alcohol. I know no other people who had such a hard sentence. That was in the US. Plus my general observation (newspapers, people's attitude) tells me that you are stongly against ...
3) Only being in the developed countries, meaning NA, Europe and East Asia makes you a hard country, the others are in practice very relaxed on this. Bribery is most often the key.
4) Possibly you are right on the % of alcohol in the blood. I do not know the details in the US ... her in Switzerland it is 0.8 g/l.
5) what has drinking age average to do with tolerance to the consequences of a hangover ?

So much about the so called mistakes !

my point being that tolerance should be given to these players. Not this nitty gritty on the rules or whatsoever.

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