Thread: Kings News: Frozen Fury 15 9/29/12
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05-02-2012, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by took420s View Post
mostly lurk here but i have been to 12 of these

missed last year so wife would kill me if i couldn't make it this year.

need to post a vid of the "walk of shame" that avs fans must traverse on their way to the arena...i have one clip with tons of "avs suck" chants...then you see Bailey, then an older guy in wheel chair comes into frame totally unrelated to the game yet Bailey hams it up with him.

always wondered what the random people thought of the spectacle we put on out front for about an hour before the game.

Rouge bar before the game is guranteed jimmy fox sighting. think i have seen fights among fans in the stands every year as well...sanctioned transport of your own alcohol into the arena ftw!
I want to know more your username. Is your motto "Yes I cannabis"?

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