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05-02-2012, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by nhlfan9191 View Post
Not sure why you keep talking about Molson like he has limited money. This guy WILL spend money when its needed. Out of all 30 owners in the league, we probably have the best owner in the league. Stop worrying about money. It's the cap hit that scares me.
See below. I'm just talking about money, not pure cap hit.

Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
Hahahaha oh wow. These excuses are golden.

He would save only $3M - yet cripple his team and GM for 4-years.

Here's a question... If Suter was interested in signing here but the problem is we were $1M short because of the Gomez buyout and lost out -- is that still best for the team because it shows we are "classy?"

No doubt Gomez seems like a good guy. And if he was making $2M, I'd probably keep him. but he's not, so send him to Europe. There's some nice leagues over there like DEL where he might might score 10 goals. ,
What excuses? I'm arguing that none of us here is in a position to say definitively that Molson's got enough cash in his back pocket to eat Gomez's deal and spend to the cap again next year.

Now of course, if Molson has no problem, financially, eating the deal - by all means, do it. I've moved beyond arguing about whether or not it's classy. Not even talking about Gomez and the merit of keeping him like you brought up at a reduced salary. I'm talking strictly money here (real money versus cap money) and if Geoff's in a position to eat his deal and spend at a higher cap max next year.

I'm not doubting he has money, of course. You just never know.

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