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11-23-2003, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by ClarkeMustGoDotCom
dont even get me started on this. me and some friends, have been talking about this. This is a perfect example on how the NHL and ESPN refuse too or do not know how to market the game. it is pretty sad really.
But anyway ESPN is too busy showing those meaningfull NBA games every night of the week.
lets all hope its on classic shortly after.
im still looking for someone that has nhl center ice so i can get a tape of both the games just in case. those morons at ESPN dont do anything with it.
I am very anti-ESPN, but the NHL is at fault. Maybe they should have waited 3 weeks when they dont have any college football to compete with. ESPN has a contract that they can't get out of to show the game.

Then again, the chances of ESPN showing two Canadian teams are not good.

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