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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
Well, this patch is well plowed over. But it continues to be funny how people keep trying to make a non point....and you over play it again here.

The reason Boyle is on the ice is because John Tortorella sends him out there.

Why is that? Certainly Boyle's esteem in the eyes of his coach is high. That is not because he is some marginal player.
He is a marginal player. How many times does he get caught while forechecking because he doesn't have the required foot speed to either lay an effective hit or cut the lane?

How many times does he have to switch to playing zone because he can't effectively chase down the puck?

How many times does he get outmuscled in the corners or show poor awareness?

How many times does he completely kill our transition because he can't pass/receive/ or carry a puck?

He won some key face offs tonight. I will give him that. But he is more detriment to this team than a help.

Just because Torts wants to overplay him, doesn't mean he is misunderstood.

I mean we did win three games when he wasn't in the line up.

I understand why people love him-he works his tail off, blocks shots, and is a great character guy. But we rely on him too much. His skating is GODAWFUL and he plays center which requires a TON of space to cover. You want to deflect that on the coach, its your choice.

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