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05-03-2012, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post

Loll at Price being overrated.

He's the best canadian goalie worldwide... Pretty telling isnt it ? Who is better than him right now?

Quick.. Yeah maybe, has he proved anything ? No.
Lundqvist ? See above.
Bryzgalov? oblivious troll
Rinne ? How so.. Has he proved anything ?
Thomas is in a free fall.
Smith ? One hit wonder.
Halak? Lol.
Elliot ? .

When your franchise player ask's something you give it.

The Titan's did it wth CJ2K. The king's did it with Doughty. Loosing assets this big for 2 or 1 million is incredibad.
It's just telling you if the player is a good teamate and thinks team first or about me myself and I.

Price is good but in that in list he's the one who needs to prove the most.

I think his technique is the best in the league and in the whole-world.

He has everything to become one of the best or the best, he only needs a good team in front of him and most importantly not to succumb to playoff pressure.

Right now , Smith, Lundqvist and Quick have proven even more than Price. Price will have his moment but for the moment he's not the best goalie in the world but his technique is.

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