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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
It was an extreme example.

Who cares if we can go over the cap because apparently we can't send any players down because it's not classy .. We have to buy then out lol
If buy-outs weren't the best/only way around certain situations, there wouldn't have been 29 of them on the books around the league this year - everyone would have been just demoted instead. That's 29 different scenarios from around (over?) a dozen teams in which it was decided that a buy-out, instead of demotion, was the way to go. It's about planning, direction, and the 50 contract maximum, not necessarily "class". Having said that, established veterans are obviously much more likely to get bought out instead of demoted to the minors, for reasons that have already been clearly and extensively detailed, here and other places. Or maybe there are people who think burying Gomez in the minors for slightly better cap relief as one of the 50 contracts is worth putting an entire year of possible development on hold for a prospect ready to crack the pro ranks. Can't believe almost the entire TSN panel seemed to gloss over that aspect of a team trying to rebound/"rebuild".

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