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05-03-2012, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by drownedsailors View Post
Brodeur aggressively playing the puck has been killing us...the Devils (like any other team would do) are preventing us from having any speed through the neutral zone, and so obviously your next best option is to dump the puck in and chase it...the problem is Fatso is waiting there to spring the puck back to his teammates.

It's so ****ing frustrating to watch, and honestly if we don't adjust in Game 3 we'll see the same results, and IMO Lavy should get the blame for it. Our Peco wasn't good either, but I think that goes hand in hand with Game 2 as a whole...we were really ****ing out played and Jersey's PK'ers showed that.

Finally, I think people keep forgetting how aggressive New Jersey's forecheck really is...they're as aggressive as we are, if not more than us, and I think everyone saw it in Game 2. I don't think we lost that game because we didn't have "adversity" or whatever, I think it has a lot to do with how New Jersey played.

With all that being said, the Flyers are the better/more talented team, and I'd take them over the Devils any day of the week.
there are ways to counter Brodeurs puck handling ability. If you keep dumping it in near the goalline hes going to stop our forecheck. they have to be better at getting the puck into the corners and then you have to pay the price of getting the puck.
NJ knows Bryzgalov cant handle the puck to save his life. So they can dump it in where the Flyers usually like to. The Flyers on both sides of the puck have to win puck battles. they have to be the more desperate team.
I do agree the Flyers need to crank up the physical play. Not enough of it so far. Hit them with every opportunity. Especially the defenseman. finish your checks with good hard checks.
NJ outplayed the Flyers in every area. They deserved the game. The Flyers need to respond with the type of effort we are used to after getting our butts kicked. That is one thing I am confident in. This team knows how to respond to the type of game we saw Tuesday.

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