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Originally Posted by Playmaker09 View Post
So he'll take the spot of a player who will in all likelihood never wear a Habs jersey? Terrible argument.
You wanna know a terrible argument? Assuming that any drafted player that is currently unsigned, or even drafted this year, will never play for the Habs, or be more deserving of Scott Gomez's roster spot as early as next year, or possibly the year after. For example, if we draft Yakupov this year (let's just say), and he's ready to play next year, who is the first contract you'd let go to make room for him in the 50, if not Scott Gomez? And realize that you can't just "let people go" whenever you decide to, and that dumping a $500K 4th line plug, or $75K minor leaguer, doesn't necessarily also give you the cap space to sign a top 3 draft pick and his likely million+ cap hit.

Originally Posted by Playmaker09 View Post
It's not like he'll take Leblanc's spot. Leblanc will be bumped to second line and whoever was there will be bumped to third etc.
I don't think you quite understand how the max 50 contract thing works...

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