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11-23-2003, 05:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Qubax
Yeah...I mean you've got a point....

Trust me...I mean this isn't a league where it's rare to have a team do bad for extensive periods of time....

This guys team was last every year he's been in the league...which is like 2 years and his team is pretty bad now.....

Goaltending is very important in the league and his goales are Salo and Legace,,,,the guy is gonna be last....He needs to seriosuly rebuild and Thornton's not gonna make the difference...also isn't it fair to assume the risk involved in Ovechkin or Crosby is comparitvely low compared to most prospects...?

I don't know....I understand your theory...but it's fairly likely that Ovechkin and Crosby will both be stars in the league...

This isn't like ohh I hope Gilburt Brule makes it or Robbie Scremp or Evgeni Malkin...maybe one or two of those guys will somehow bust but Ovechkin and Crosby,,,? These guys have been touted for a little to long....

I think the knowledge of the Cleary types is enough in scouts minds to realize that Crosby is different..isn't he alos much bigger...?

And Ovechkin maybe alittle more risky but I am sure we can assume Top 5 NHL european like Demitra, Fedorov, Kovalchuk, Gaborik Forsberg, and Naslund....

am I really or more so I am I likley off base here?

Yes we can paint the Devil on the wall and say it won't work out...but I tend to think it seriosuly might...

If you are so for it nothing anyone says will really convivnve you. It seems you have your mind made up already.

To me trading a guy like THornton, who will be one of the top three players in the league for many more years, for two unproven commodities is not something I would ever do. First of all, you are not even guaranteed these two players (you first have to get two #1s in a row). Secondly, what is to say that eiterh of them will not become Thronton's caliber? Yes they are highly touted and yes they may both be phenoms. But life is unpredictable. Things can the wrong way for either of them.

It just seems like you are going to bet a lot by moving proven commodity for a series of question marks.

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