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Originally Posted by JohnnyOnTheSpot View Post
This Totally playing as I expected. I'm going to break down what I think the problem is.

Pittsburgh series. No one picked them to win, backs against the wall playing the "better" team. They come out insane, winning the first 3 games, pouring their hearts out every game and winning because of that. So naturally, the pressure lifts a little bit because "Hey, we only need to win 1/4, and we won 3 already." They get embarrassed in game 4, which wakes them up a bit but still not to the point of grave concern. Game 5 they play better but not their best hockey, which completely wakes them up and they absolutely dominate game 6.

Devils series. A week layoff naturally kills the adrenaline, and I believe they're heavily favored to win this series (haven't checked personally, just what I'm hearing). The Flyers, to me, are much better than the Devils (not trying to offend any Devils fans here, just an opinion). So there is much less pressure to win than in the Pitt series because they're expected to win. Game 1, not their best effort but squeak out a win, which I think caused Game 2's result. They simply didn't have the compete level aside from like 12 minutes of game time. They won game 1 not playing a complete game, which naturally decreased the pressure. The desperation wasn't there...always electing for the fancy pass over grinding them out and so on.

I mean I'm sure this can apply to many teams, but there is something about this team that makes them disappear without pressure. They play down to teams, coast, but when pressure hits, they dominate. I think they can beat any team in the NHL in a 7 game series, just need to manage the intensity.

I expect game 3 to either be game 5 of the Pitt series, or game 6. Hoping for game 6 results, obviously. Not concerned about this team one bit, I know they can win this series, just need to actually feel pressure to perform.
Road to the Cup is always filled with adversity, so I am not worried about a shortage of it. Flyers could easily lose this series. I do not know where all the overconfidence comes from (especially from the media).

If the Flyers win the cup, the path for us fans will include overconfidence at times, anger, shock, near heart attack and exhilaration.

Flyers have as good a shot at it as we have seen in the last decade IMO, but it will be tough.

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