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05-03-2012, 04:45 AM
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Champions League style Competition has been tried twice and it has failed twice. European Hockey League (2000), Champions Hockey League (2008). I don't believe in it anymore. If the market was there, it would already have worked out.

Football is not a good comparison because there is so much more money in it. The market is boundless: Germany (82 Mio people), France (65 Mio), United Kingdom (62 Mio), Italy (61 Mio), Spain (47 Mio), etc, plus foreign markets like Eastern Asia. Compare European Hockey: Czech Repblic (10 Mio people), Sweden (9 Mio), Switzerland (8 Mio), Finland (5 Mio), etc.

There are only two markets that European Hockey can set its hope on: Russia and Germany. Big countries, big money. Russia already has the KHL. Germany is still a bit asleep, but has so much potential: lots of people, lots of money, population mad for sports and not uninterested in hockey. If the KHL wants to expand, Germany should be their No 1 target.

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Unlike European soccer, the NHL has zero academies.
Because of the Entry Draft System.

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