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05-03-2012, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by duga View Post
Though I live closest to the footballstadium (Letzi)... which I hardly ever go to visit.

and I would give away a team from my area (let's say Rappi, and only Rappi) in a second... to reintegrate one of the the most prosperous fan-cultures of our country...Lausanne HC. The "Romandie" that goes through rough times once again when it comes to football, would deserve an other hockey-derby. (and why Le Valais can't stand together and go for one Club, though having the potential in talent and audience to run an NLA-club, doesn't make sense for me... but I'm derailing...)

so what's in your area then?
Well, I live right next to Les Vernets, and rarely attend games. McSorley's kind of hockey is not my cup of tea.

About Lausanne and Rapperswil, one team has better management and was good enough to keep their place in the NLA the other wasn't. Lausanne's awful record at player development doesn't help either. Sure, they have potential, like their fans always like to point out, but instead of talking about it, they'd better get something out of it. I know that swapping LHC and Rappi is popular opinion, but fortunately, things are decided on the ice.

In Valais, the rivalry between the teams is just to big for something to happen. The crappy state of arenas doesn't help either.

Anyway, Switzerland is so small that distances is hardly an excuse for not attending the games you're interested in.

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