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05-03-2012, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
Come on you can't honestly say that this guy is not what we've always wanted. Maybe you would of preferred McGuire or Brisebois, but they don't have any qualifications that Bergevin doesn't already have.
He definitely brings some elements we have been missing in terms of having a leader at the top who can get everybody energised and will surround himself with smart people. I think the Gainey-Gauthier duo did some good things and not so good things(mostly Gainey's summer of 2009 spending spree) but their biggest fault was everything was top secret and they had a small group making decisions.

If Bergevin gets Carriere Dudley and Lapointe as part of his management group he gives himself a lot of hockjey knowledge and experience.

At the end of the day though he has some big tests right from the start...

1-hiring a new coach that most want to be french, that limites his candidates to 20% or less of the total market unless he can hire an anglophone and teach him french

2-signing guys like Subban and Price, price has to be reasonable to leave cap room and not too long so they don't get complacent...but you don't want to play chicken with your core players

3-dealing with the Gomez situation, he can really help himself by waiving him(freeing up nearly 15 mil cap room the next 2 years) or shoot himself in the foot by buying him out(thus leaving about 11+ mil of "dead cap space"). Part of taht may be to sell Molson on the need to do it one way versus another.

4-surrounding himself with a solid group, that includes assistants, pro scouts and development people

5-improving the team short term(2012-2013) without losing top prospects or top picks...trades and UFA's

The draft will probably be 90% about Timmins and the scouts, he may have a call to make if they can trade up or down from #3 and/or #33 but it will mostly be on Timmins' expertide.

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