Thread: Confirmed with Link: Bergevin named new General Manager V2.0
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05-03-2012, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
I was one of the ppl that wanted nothing to do with Pierre McGuire, not because he doesn't know the game, but I really don't think he has much leadership skills.

But I have to say one thing, after listening to Pierre McGuire interview on the team 990 yesterday, I gained soooo much respect for the guy, he was very straight up, and honest about everything.

I think in the past few years he has be overboard and somewhat unfair in some of his assessment of the Habs, but I think that had a lot to do with some hatred he had towards Gauthier (fair or not).

I gained so much respect for him when he talked about how he told his bosses at NBC, who I guess give him a huge contract, it terms of length and pay, that wouldn't interview for a GM job, but since it was the Canadiens, he couldn't possible let a chance like that go.

Its kinda sucks for him, becuase IMO his biggest weakness is that he hasn't worked in the NHL in so long, and Savard kinda hinted to that, and with such a great job at NHL, there is noo way McGuire takes an Ast GM job, and no way he leaves NBC to take a GM job for lets say Columbus, Islanders, etc
Glad you're starting to realize that. I know it's best for him if he ever wants to become a GM that he would need to do the assistant and scouting in order to eventually get to the GM but he simply doesn't need to because of his job right now

What is it now 5 jobs he came in the runner up? I wonder if these management teams bring him in and interview him asking him what he would do and what he think sis wrong with their team. They get an idea from him since he is one of the only guys around the NHL that knows the good and bad about teams/players

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