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05-03-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
In this draft, the Preds 1st rounder will be lucky to produce a winger as good as Kostitsyn. We aren't talking a top 10 pick here.
You're probably right or not. It's a crap shot, no one knows. The fact is that Kostitsyn had 24 points in 53 games and his reputation of being a non consistent player around the league (effort wise) didn't help. Maybe you're right, we could've gotten that 1st rounder from Nashville, but I wouldn't be surprised if Nashville's offer was the best we got.
Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Does that mean he's a superstar?

When AK shine, he will score 25 goals not 40.

Is it me or only you guys use the word superstar and Andrei Kostitsyn in the same sentence? Even the guys that support or defend AK doesn't consider him as a superstar... or even a star player.
When did I talk about him being a superstar in my post? I understand that you're all defensive because I don't share the same opinion on Kostitsyn with you, but when you say you guys as in "all the Kostitsyn haters" makes me not wanna argue about him, because I'm not even hating on the guy, I just don't think that just because he scores 20 goals that he's a good player.
Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
and some here are ******** enough to think we have so much depth on the wings that losing a 20G scorer would make no difference...
You can't have Bourque and AK on your team, AK was tradeable because he is a UFA this year. At least Bourque plays on the PK and a bit more productive on the scoresheet.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Nobody ever said he never got a chance. Is it really that hard to read things nowadays?
Apparently people also said he was a misunderstood superstar?!...

People said he wasn't used properly, and they're right. Being used for 10min with Gomez and a scrapper is not the right way to use AK. Maybe you think it was, but it was pretty clear to many that it wasn't/isn't. Give him decent offensive wingers, and he'll produce, as he has done along side Plekanec, Eller, Lang. Really not that hard to notice.
Expect him to consistently produce every night, then you should expect to be disappointed. At this point, we should all know that AK will go through droughts, it's well known and expected, but that doesn't negate his offensive contribution (20g).
This is where I really have a problem. Yes, Kostitsyn produced to a certain extent with those players, but you always forget when he was playing with skilled players in the top 6 and coasting. Kostitsyn had a great shot, was somewhat physical, and his defensive game got better with the years (doesn't mean he was a good defensive player), but when he wasn't filling the net for 6 games in a row, he would disappear and not contribute with anything else. He obviously didn't deserve to be playing in the top 6 during those times and it wasn't because he wasn't scoring, he just wasn't contributing with anything. It's been the same with every coach he's had, he's been in the dog house with every single one of them, at one point he has to be held accountable.

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