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Originally Posted by steev182 View Post
I admit, I got really cheap CCM Rapides when I decided I wanted to learn to skate. I used them often on my own at Bryant Park over the winter and from February to April on beginner skating lessons.

Now, they feel ok, my feet don't move in them providing I lace them properly, but I find that the soles of my feet hurt a little right above where the blades are and I feel them being very flexible side to side around my ankles.

I got them because it was free to skate at the park but they charged $14 for skate rental and I knew I wanted to skate as often as I could there, $50 seemed like a fair amount when I wasn't sure if I'd want to get deeper into it.

Anyway, I think the best thing for me would to get some better skates soon, any advice on some skates for a heavy guy that are maybe $200 max?
How heavy? If you like the fit of CCM (high volume) then the U+06s are $200. I personally wear them (225 lbs). Might also be able to get some Bauer Supremes, either the new One.6 or some 2011 One70s on clearance. Best bet is to go to a local shop and tell the associate your price point. If it's a good shop they'll work with you to get you into a properly fitting boot.

If you're superheavy, you might need to go over your price point to get into a stiffer skate. If you don't get a stiff enough boot it will end up breaking down quickly and you'll just end up having to throw good money after bad to replace them.

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