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Originally Posted by nightfighter View Post
Again, it's a semantics argument. Yes you use specific mental abilities that are genetically endowed. But "Hockey Sense" is a made up term for somebody that can play a made up game.

It's like how some people are more right or left brained inclined. This lets them grasp mathematical or artistic concepts easier, but they still have to learn those concepts. Einstein was not born with the innate ability to do calculus and neither was Gretzky born with the ability to read and make plays on a sheet of ice.
This is my whole point. We are born with a certain set of tools, yes? These tools are different from person to person, yes?

Now some of those tools lend themselves to the bundle of skills we call "hockey sense" and some do not. They also probably lend themselves to "basketball sense" or "football sense" or maybe even generally "game sense".

Hockey sense - that is, the bundle of skills that we call hockey sense - is developed. But if people lack those genetically predetermined tools, how can they ever reach the same levels of "hockey sense" as others?

Some people are born with an innate sense of colour, form and space. They may develop into much better than average painters or sculptors if they practice that bundle of skills. They may never pick up a paintbrush or lump of clay, but the tools were there from birth.

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