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03-19-2006, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
$1.1 million for Ribeiro is not excessive. He's earning less than the average league salary and still putting up good points. He's not nearly as one-dimensional as many on this forum claim. True, he has had a tough year, but so have many players.

Once again: Ribeiro is not part of the problem.

As for the rest of your post: your point is null and void as soon as you cite Ottawa and Philly as being teams that 'win on a yearly basis' who 'aren't afraid of getting rid of players who aren't doing their job'.

Ottawa and Philly do not win. Neither team has had a real good playoff success in a decade (well, Philly went to the Finals in what, '97? and were swept).

I also do not believe removing unproductive players for better players is the "secret of having a sucesful franchise."

I don't mean to be nasty here, but these knee-jerk threads after any/every loss are tedious. Shape up!

I'll add that there isn't a team in the league that you couldn't make the same argument (comparative value of certain players on the roster). I'm also quite happy with the role Bonk is filling since he picked up his play after the new year.

And I agree that the knee jerk threads are bull****.

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