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03-19-2006, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by oli500
This is not a reaction towards the loss yesterday. My point is that we've been stuck in playoff races for decades.
We still have the same core players that we had 2, 3 years ago (Ribeiro,sundstrom,zednik). Im just saying that sometimes if players dont get you were you want to get you got to move on. If gainey dosent do anything and were once again stuck with ribeiro,bonk,sundstrom chances are were going to be once again fighting fore are lives in march. If youre happy with allways being in a playoff race well thats youre problem.
I'm sorry, I generally like your posts, but I don't buy that this isn't an illogical knee-jerk reaction to a tough loss last night. Some points:

1 - Claiming that MTL has been stuck in playoff races for decades is a gross exaggeration since Montreal has won two cups in the last two decades, and had very competitive teams in other years as well. Few teams have enjoyed as much success as the Habs have had in the last two decades even.

2 - Of course MTL has the same core it had 2-3 years ago! Two years ago was last season! So to claim that this is somehow a problem is ridiculous. Only a rookie GM would make wholesale changes simply because the team was a borderline playoff team. It should not be a surprise to anyone that this is a borderline playoff team as the franchise has gone through a complete rebuilding process a mere 4-6 years ago.

Added to that: Sundstrom, Ribeiro were not core players then, and Zednik is not a core player now. None of them are being paid like core players.

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