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05-03-2012, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ForSpareParts View Post
It's no excuse. Kadri has to be better than that. You can't go on in life (especially being a Leaf prospect) stooping to a low of trying to do something as classless as the fans. He's supposed to be a professional. Fans come to games to be entertained and to heckle players. They drink a lot and say and do regretful things. Our pros are not.

You have no basis as to what was said, and for how long it was said, for you to say that Naz should brush it off. Sometimes it's not easy for people to do. I think people who say to “just bursh it off” or “have a thicker skin” really have no understanding of what people like Naz go through playing hockey, and by "people like Naz” I mean minorities in hockey. Lets not expect people to be perfect, hockey players are not perfect.

I find it ridiculous that heckling should be considered as part of the game, to me it is not part of the game. Nazem Kadri does not play hockey to be racial discriminated against by fans; that is not part of the game. Players should expect boo's, but not racial discrimination and taunts. I find Naz's celebration to be totally justifiable and I personally don't understand why anyone should find fault in it. Given the whole situation, it’s a moot point. Lets criticise the rochester fans, not Nazem.

What unsettles me beyond anything is that we have one of our players being discriminated against and instead of showing our support to him, we criticise him for over celebrating. We tell him to brush it off and be a professional… How about we show some damn loyality to our players for once! You may not like Naz's development, but at least support the guy. Even if you want this guy to fail as a hockey player, at least support him as a person and not judge him for reacting like a human being instead of like an emotionless robot. Racial discrimination should not be accepted at all, nor be told to brush it off. A racial attack on one of our players is an attack on all of us.

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